Breast Capsular Contracture Information

Breast Capsular Contracture Information

When an implant is inserted the body reacts by forming a lining of natural scar tissue around the implant called the capsule. In some cases the capsule begins to harden, shrink and than squeezes the implant that it surrounds. Regular massage of the implants daily after breast augmentation surgery helps the breast implant capsule remain larger than the implant, allowing the implant to move naturally and feel soft. Though the exact causes of capsular contracture are largely unknown, there are factors that can contribute to this complication, including:

Seroma (the development of extra fluid around implant)
Hematoma (bleeding around implant)

Prevention Of Breast Capsular Contracture

During your first post-operative follow-up visit at Shape, your surgeon will demonstrate the massage technique that you should perform to ensure your breast maintain a natural look and feel. For the first few days after surgery you may experience tenderness and soreness while performing your breast massage, this will get better within a few weeks.

Perform Daily Breast Massage – Starting post – operative day one, breast implant massage should be started and continue for the life of the implants.

How to perform breast massage:

Massage Implant Upward – Twice daily massage the implants upward, massage upward until you see the implant move 1-2 inches upward. Perform this massage ten times, twice daily, for the life of your implants.

Massage Implant Inward – Twice daily massage the implants inward, massage inward until you see the implants move 1-2 inches inward. Perform this massage ten times, twice daily, for the life of your implants.

Unless instructed by your surgeon, it is not necessary to massage breast implants outward or downward, due to gravity will do this naturally.

Signs Of Possible Breast Capsular Contracture

Implant Movement is Reduced During Massage – During massage you notice an implant does not move as it normally had during prior breast massage.

Firmness of the Breast – You notice unnatural breast firmness with both or one breast.

Different Shape of Breast – One or more breast starts to have a different shape than normal.

One Implant Appears Higher – One or more implants appears to be higher than it normally appears on chest.

Treatment Of Breast Capsular Contracture

Depending upon the severity the breast can feel firm or hard, become distorted, and begin to cause pain. To cure or treat capsular contracture there are both surgical and non-surgical options. If you experience any of these symptoms please call 509-458-7546 to schedule a follow-up appointment as soon as possible with your surgeon at Shape Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Prescribed Antibiotics – Antibiotics may help reduce the progress of capsular contracture.

External Ultrasound – May help reduce swelling and inflammation and does not involve any major risks.

Singular Medication – This anti-inflammatory used in the treatment of asthma has shown, in minor studies, to help regress capsular contracture.

Surgical Treatment

Open Capsulotomy – The capsule surrounding the implant is surgically cut open in order to release the implant. After this is done, however, there is a chance of contracture occurring again.
Open Capsulectomy – This is generally the most successful, as well as the most intensive, form of treatment. The entire capsule is removed, allowing new tissue to form around the implant. Placement: Also if the implant is placed above the muscle the surgeon may place it underneath the muscle during capsulectomy in the hopes of better results.

Please call us at 509-458-7546 regarding any questions or concerns.